For emerging writers, learning to navigate the labyrinth of print and online journals that make up today’s literary world can be challenging, especially if you want your own words to someday appear on the printed (or digital) page. To help you out, this website features recent notable works of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction in online literary journals that might one day publish your work.

The first step to submitting one’s work (that is, after writing), is finding the right place to send it. On this site, we highlight a wide spectrum of literary journals and magazines- including established print publications and prestigious online journals such as Tin House and Blackbird, as well as up-and-coming publications that often publish emerging writers.

Note: Prior to 2018, this site posted mostly reviews of specific issues of literary journals, but as of 2018, we are transitioning to instead offer curated reviews of literary works in online journals. This will allow you to see a wider spectrum of published work offered by online platforms, and it will hopefully help you discover some cool new journals and inspiring emerging writers.




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